Computers not showing up in WSUS

I have multiple environments that I monitor and have WSUS working fine in a couple of them.  One environment that is running Server 2003 SBS I cannot get any computers to appear in the WSUS console.  I'm using Group Policy to assign workstations to groups and have verified my settings multiple times, but I cannot get any workstations to appear.  I've verified my settings against the other environments that are working but cannot find any issues.  Any ideas would be appreciated.
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Eldrick VanceSR. IT Security SpecialistCommented:
When I have had this issue I have had to add the port number (8530) to the server name In the GPO for the Specify intranet Microsoft update service location for both the intranet update service for detecting updates and the intranet statistics server.  
emauchAuthor Commented:
That worked, thanks!
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