MS Access 2003 How to create a Combo box in Parent Form to insert Data in Subform Text box

I have a Parent form "WorkHeader" with a  Combo box "Supervisors" that displays Supervisors Name, Work Location and Title.  I need to insert the "Work Location" information into my subform "Workdetails" from the Parent form "WorkHeader" Combo boxes "Work Location"
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Jeffrey CoachmanConnect With a Mentor MIS LiasonCommented:
You have not provided much info on your forms design,so I am a bit concerned as to why a value in the main form (besides the Linking field) needs to be inserted into the subform.

For example:
Customers=Main Form

Only the linking field (CustID) needs be duplicated both forms.

In this example, I can't see that many scenarios where using a combobox in the main form should populate a value in the subform...

But in any event you would use code like this on the After update event of the combobox:

[YourSubform].Form![YourSubFormFiled] = Me.YourCombobox.Column(n)

Here "n" represents the column in the combobox that hold the data you need.
This value is zero based, so Column 1 is referred to as Column(0)

janandbenAuthor Commented:
Who are you?
You could change the row source and type to query the users selection in the first box
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