Required Litigation Hold/Edit "add mailbox" scripts in Exchange 2010

Basically I'm attempting to set up Exchange to retain all mail for all users indefinitely in an unpreserved state (lawyers made the edict on this one, we've tried to convince them otherwise but we didn't win that battle).

My approach is to automatically enable "litigation hold" in exchange 2010 on all mailboxes.

Is there a way to make sure this is always enabled?

If not, how do I edit the "add mailbox" powershell scripts so it'll automatically set that flag whenever the admin creates a mailbox (then I'll just run a powershell cronjob to make sure all accounts have it set).
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AmitConnect With a Mentor IT ArchitectCommented:
You cannot enable litigation old on the mailbox creation now by powershell neither from the EMC

what you can do is have a script maybe run every night or 12 hours to do the following

$mbx = get-mailbox -ResultSize unlimited

$mbx | Set-Mailbox -LitigationHoldEnabled $true

This will insure that litigation hold is enabled on all accounts, and here is a tutorial I wrote about how to schedule a SCript in exchagne 2010
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