Repeating a Tablix in SSRS 2008 in the same place on every page of a report

I have an SSRS report i am working on. The data is restricted to the same place in each page and consists of a single tablix. The problem is that when the data spans more than one page (which it will do every time) it starts at the top of the page and not where it is supposed to be. I've tried containing the tablix in a rectangle and nothing works. I don't want to repeat my headers, there actually are no headers in the tablix, it's just rows that have been grouped by an ID.

You can see in the below image how my report is laid out. The design is part of the background image and my data can only be inside the white space on each page. The 7 rows at the top are my tablix and the rectangle that encloses the tablix takes up nearly the entire white space.

Screenshot of layout
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planoczConnect With a Mentor Commented:
checking only Keep together on one page
and add a page break after should work.
Also you might check out having a page break on each grouping.
lcohanDatabase AnalystCommented:
Edit the report in BIDS, right click the tablix and select Tablix Properties the check the appropriate boxes from attached picture. tab prp
JoshabbottAuthor Commented:
I've tried all those checkboxes before even making this question. None of them keep the tablix in the same area on each page.
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