How to copy a network folder to local desktop using Group Policy

I'm trying to copy a folder from a network file share to user's desktop using GPO but no luck.

Copy Source: \\server\share\folder
Copy Target: %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\Folder

I'm using User Configuration\Preferences\WIndows Settings\Files

I have it linked to my OU where all my users are but nothing shows up on the desktop.

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Have you tried this:

Copy Source: \\server\share\folder\*.*
Copy Target: %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\Folder\
I would just do a bat file in the GPO startup script

Xcopy source dest

A copy would copy the files everytime. Probably not what he wants if the files are there.
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Fine use robocopy

\\server\share\robocopy.exe source dest
scubadiver_daveAuthor Commented:
I can try the GP startup script. This folder just contains shortcuts. It's not a lot of data. People don't want their desktop cluttered with shortcuts so we have them all in one folder. So, when we have a new shortcut we just put it in the folder. So, it would be ok to copy the folder every time. I'll see if I can figure out the startup script as I haven't done it before. Any clues?
scubadiver_daveAuthor Commented:
I've created the script and tested it. It seems to work ok on 2008 Terminal Servers. I have Windows 7 Enterprise but the script doesn't seem to put the shortcut on my desktop. I haven't tested it on any XP stations yet. Any thoughts?
scubadiver_daveAuthor Commented:
Well, CRAP! Now, it's not working anywhere. I don't under stand this. The logon script was working on 2008 TS, I deleted the folders, logged of and back on and they got recopied via the script. But, now they aren't getting copied anymore...anywhere. I delete them, log off and back on but the folders aren't being copied to XP, 2003, 2008, Win 7. >:-|
Run the script By hand.

And check rsop.msc
scubadiver_daveAuthor Commented:
Ok. I got it. The GPO was fine. It was the syntax of the logon.bat file. Here's what I ended up with.

REM This is for Windows 7, Server 2008
xcopy \\server\share\folder\*.* %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\ /s /i /y /q
REM This is for XP, Server 2003
xcopy \\server\share\folder\*.* "c:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Desktop" /s /i /y /q

Everything seems to work now. Thanks.

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No points for anyone? Experts Exchange has sure changed since I last participated.

Good thing you found your answer buddy.
scubadiver_daveAuthor Commented:
Through trial and error this is what ended up working for me.
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