Base System Device Error-Dell Vostro 1500-after OS upgrade to Win7 64 bit

I have a Dell Vostro 1500 laptop. I recently upgraded the OS to Win7 64-bit by doing a clean install of the OS. After the install, Device Manager shows a yellow exclamation point next to Other Devices--Base System Device. I don't know what is missing, but the hardware Ids are:


What component is this for, and where can I get the drivers for it?

By the way--I contacted Dell, since they don't have enough help on their website, and even though my laptop is still under warranty, they were going to charge me for the consult because it's about software. Real helpful (sarcasm).

Thanks in advance.


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PowerEdgeTechIT ConsultantCommented:

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Base System Device in question is most likely "Ricoh Memory Stick Controller" Search for a 64 bit driver version of this and try it out.
ejhcoloradoAuthor Commented:
Hi all,

Bingo! PowerEdgeTech--the link you supplied worked. I also found the drivers by searching "Ricoh Memory Stick", which resulted in a link to the Softpedia website.
So that I can learn, and do it on my own next did you know it was a Ricoh card reader/memory stick controller?


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PowerEdgeTechIT ConsultantCommented:
In most cases ... go to, put in the VEN (Vendor) ID, then search the page for the DEV (Device) ID ... then you can search the for the right device - preferably on Dell's support site for your machine, but in cases where it is not supported, the device manufacturer's website is the best place to look.  When a device manufacturer is a company like Ricoh, which manufactures only "integrated" devices, and drivers for those devices are only available through the OEM's they manufacture for, then you need to get creative to find the right driver.

Careful when searching for drivers on sites not directly affiliated with the device (manufacturer or OEM), as they can sometimes be "dirty" or altered versions of the drivers.  In many cases, they don't actually work.  If respectable sources don't pan out, then you can try the third-party driver sites ... at your own risk :)
PowerEdgeTechIT ConsultantCommented:
In the case of your driver - for whatever reason, Dell did not "certify" a 64-bit OS on it, so the driver was not available directly for your system, but looking around, there are systems for which Dell did certify a 64-bit OS which uses the same device ... that's where yours came from.

Take care.
ejhcoloradoAuthor Commented:

I'm not sure I follow the very first steps in your first reply. Who is the vendor in this case--Dell or Ricoh? If it's Ricoh, I didn't know that when I started, so the wouldn't have helped me. If Dell is the vendor, what is the device ID?
When I look at, and search by vendor (Dell), nothing that comes up looks familiar or helpful to me. I guess I don't know how to figure out that it was a Ricoh device I needed the driver for, and what Ricoh device it was, and I'm not understanding how would help me figure that out.

Thanks again,

PowerEdgeTechIT ConsultantCommented:

VEN = Vendor ID = 1180 (when you look it up on, it is Ricoh)
DEV = Device ID = 0592

Dell (1028) is only listed as the Vendor when it is a proprietary/re-branded part (RAID controller, Remote Access Controller, etc.).  For the most part, the devices will have the signature of the actual manufacturer of the device.
ejhcoloradoAuthor Commented:

Thanks so much. I get it.

I'm going to close this out now--I think you've answered all my questions.

ejhcoloradoAuthor Commented:
A very fast response, and it worked. Also answered follow-up questions quickly and well.
PowerEdgeTechIT ConsultantCommented:
Thanks ... take care :)
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