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We are trying to setup a shared calendar on an Exchange 2010.  A message comes up that says:
"The Calendar was shared with some of the recipients.  However, calendar sharing is not available wit the following entries because of permission settings on your network."

It lists about 5 addresses on the same domain as the Exchange and asks if you want to send them a copy of the calendar in an email message instead?

How can I resolve this so that she can share this calendar?

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I ran into this problem today.  The solution turned out to be an email address formatting problem.
If I select the user 's email address that I want to share with from my local contacts list, a list that I created before moving to exchange, then I receive this error message.  If I select the user's email address from the Exchange Global list, then I have no problem.  Also, entering the address in manually seems to work.

Outlook was autocompleting the addresses for me and using my local contact list.  That was causing a problem.
Try selecting those users from the GAL by clicking the To: button when you go to add them.
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