Ubuntu recovery

Ok, complete newbie so you might get a laugh out of this one.

I have a disk from a crashed Ubuntu 10.x workstation. The data is good, it was the mother board that died along with one of the drives in a RAID 1 configuration. We want to bring the workstation backup up but want to bring it onto a RAID 0 configuration. I know I don't want to do a clone as the old drive still thinks it's in a RAID 1 configuration.  

From what little I know about Linux in general, I have this idea that if we install a like version of Ubuntu onto the new workstation hardware using the same username and password that one can simply perform an off-line file copy of  the old disk over onto the new one -- overwriting all of the new install files.

How crazy am I and irregardless of my mental state, what is the prefered way to restore the old workstation OS to new hardware?

Thanks in advance.


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albevierAuthor Commented:
Arg! I got this in the wrong zone! Don't know how to move it so I will repeat it in the correct zone.

Fabio MarzoccaFreelancerCommented:
It depends upon what are you trying to restore. If all of your files are inside the user's home, you can easily mount the disk on a working Ubuntu PC and copy them.

If the hardware is identical (or very similar) you should be able to copy all the files to another disk (using offline copy). Also install Grub (or the boot loader you're using) to the new disk (or install a clean Ubuntu first to the new disk before the copying).

Regards, Tobias

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albevierAuthor Commented:
To the point. Thanks -- course it also helps that it was the answer I wanted to hear. :-)
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