Why doesn't my keyboard and mouse work when I boot from my slave drive

I have a client who got a virus.  I was able to remove it but the system is very unstable.  I ran a repair install of windows xp, but every once in a while it will freeze.

I replaced the hard drive with a new one and have installed windows xp.  There are some programs, which are old, that can not be retrieved and installed on the new drive.  They dont have the installation cd's.  They claim they have no need to use the programs, except if they get audited.  My idea was to setup the old drive as the slave and if they ever need to access the old programs, then they could boot to it for that purpose.

I can slect f12 when booting and select the slave drive, windows loads, however, the mouse and keyboard do not work.  I have tried both usb and ps2 keyboards.

Any idea why it wont work?
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larry urbanDevOps EngineerCommented:
It sounds like it is an effect of the virus that was on that drive originally. It had damaged the install, and usually the only hope is a windows repair but since you don't have mouse nor keyboard it will be difficult to imposable.

 If you have Remote desktops turned on on that install you may be able to RDP to the desktop when booted to it via F12 and do a revert to older time than the virus infection.(assuming you had system restore turned on).

If remote desktops is not turned on, you may be able to turn it on using the remote registry by opening up on an other pc on the network..."Administrative tools", "Computer management"...go to the actions menu and select "Connect to another Computer"; connect to the errant computer while turned on in the OS of the slave drive. go to the services and applications section, click on services...and turn on "Remote access connection manager" and "Remote desktops help session manager". that should allow you RDP access.
Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
If you boot with the slave drive installed as master, and with an XP cd in place, you should be able to do a Repair Install.  When it boots from the CD, it should load the drivers for USB properly.  

To be paranoid, especially after virus damage, I'd make 2 backups of their system - a simple file-level backup of their data/emails/photos/docs etc, and also an image backup of their entire (faulty) partition.  

I've seen 3 PCs over the past few years with virus infections who "lost" their USB connections, and Repair Installs were the only way to fix this.  I tried a LOT of other options....
Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
as an option, LapLink offer software that claims to be able to move apps from one OS to another.
 - not tried it, so YMMV....

Might let you salvage the legacy apps....
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Kenneth BrownResearch AssociateCommented:
To clarify, you've already repaired the virused drive and it did boot and mouse and kbd did work (its just it was a bit unstable), also the new drive boots and its mouse and kbd both work; so its only if youve got both connected but with the old drive a slave & use the f12 option that they dont work? Does it get as far as the login screen then?
imo - you have to repair the cause of the freeze
since it works ok from a new install, it is something soft on that disk, or the disk itself
you can run sfc /scannow on it, or a chkdsk
rrinconesAuthor Commented:
Ok. the pc will boot with the old drive.  The virus was removed last month and no scan since has revealed any virus.

On two occasions they suddenly started getting a blue screen.  Each time I have run chkdsk /r to repair it and it boots after that.  On the last occasion, as it states on my original post, I ran the windows repair install.  

However, the pc is sluggish and sometimes freezes.  I ran Dell's hardware diagnostics and all tests passed. I ran memory test about 5 times and it passed each time.

There is some old tax software on the hard drive that cannot be reinstalled, so I decided to buy another hard drive, install windows on it, and set up the old one as a slave drive.  I can hit f12 during the startup and select that drive and boot to it.  The problem is that the mouse and keyboard would not work, if i booted to the slave drive.  Note: the mouse and keyboard worked when that drive was the primary drive, again the problem was the system was sluggish and would sometimes freeze.

Sorry  I don't know what the problem was, but it works now.

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>>   getting a blue screen   <<   post the minidump plse
find it in windows\minidumps
rrinconesAuthor Commented:
no solution provided. problem went away. keyboard started working
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