I have an ASPX page that has an associated codebehind vb source of the same name. The codebehind source generates HTML on the fly to generate a 'result' table of results that match the search using an SQL query. I made a modification to the display of HTML in the source code.... to keep it simple, I changed a table width declaration from '%90" to 760.
My problem is that it didn't impact the page when I ran it.
I went back into the codebehind and made a change that I knew would throw a compiler error. I then revisited the site and saw that there was a compiler error. The thing is....even though the server compiles the codebehind correctly the page seems to be ignoring the change to the codebehind.
To put it another way:

If I had changed a Response.Write "<p>This</p>" to a Response.Write "<p>That</p>" the resulting page would still generate This
If I had changed a Response.Write "<p>This</p>" to a Response.Wrote "<p>That</p>"  the compile would have thrown an error
There seems to be another step that I am missing in making these changes because the resulting page should be generating a That
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WildWest544Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I solved it myself

I have an aspx page called Resultpage.ASPX on the web. In the App_Code folder I have an associated vb script of the same name.

There is a relationship between the two that is established through this like in the aspx

<%@ Page Language="vb" AutoEventWireup="false" Codebehind="ResultPage.aspx.vb" Inherits="RCIWeb.ResultPage"%>

This inheritence is fully qualified to the project that I used to build the app but the ResultPage Class that was compiled on the server was not part of RCIWeb.  I took out the RCIWeb and the page was able to find the class.with the modifications.
can you post the ASPX file here?
WildWest544Author Commented:
I was just having fun since I didn't think it would hurt anyone.
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