Joomla 1.5 + Virtuemart How to tweak product detail pages

My client wants me to remove the rating piece and the ability to ask a question about the product. She says it makes the page too busy. Can anyone tell me how I can remove those so they do not display on the page you view when you click on a product for more details?

J CAsked:
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In the Joomla administrator go to the virtuemart component

go to Admin tab on left select Configuration

the first tab Global second row to left you have
Front End features
unselect Allow Rating and Allow review

J CAuthor Commented:
Thanks, rating is gone. Can you tell me what file I need to edit to get rid of the button that is labeled "Ask a question about this product"?
Allan NisbetOwner at Storm IT Solutions LTDCommented:

If you look in


you will see all the templates, select the one you have as default and open it with an editor

Look for this
<?php echo $ask_seller ?>

Open in new window

remove it


Allan NisbetOwner at Storm IT Solutions LTDCommented:
Heres a quick list of the others
<?php echo $this->vmlistAdditionalImages( $product_id, $images ) ?> - handles extra images
<?php echo $product_name ?> - product name
<?php echo $product_packaging ?> - packaging type
<?php echo $product_s_description ?> - short desc
<?php echo $product_description ?> - full desc
<?php echo $product_type ?>
<?php echo $product_reviews ?>
<?php echo $related_products ?>
<?php echo $vendor_link ?>
<?php echo $recent_products; ?>

Open in new window

All pretty self explanatory what each does so remove ones you dont want.

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