windows server 2003 cut off

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my ISA 2006 with GFI web monitor computer rebooting . it will come to the stage where OS  loading and cut off
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Could be a numbner of things -
Does it boot up in safe mode?
Run a memory checker (Microsoft has a freebie CD ISO)
Are all the cooling fans operating?
Could be a broken registry - try recovering from backup/restore


No it is not booting from the safe mode .fans working
how can I run the freebie CD ISO without loading the OS

And also I did not have the registry  backup . can I repare the thing like XP ?

normally if we  get the system state backup will cover the hole thing ?

please advice me on this

thank you
davealfordIt Support
The memory tester is a bootable ISO image - the server will boot from the cd and the memory checker will run. Then there's ultimate boot CD ....

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