populate list box with database results

hi experts.
i am making a system at uni for a health center charity.

i am doing a search box to retrieve patients from the users table.

what i have now is a way for a receptionist to search by:
 patients id or surname / date of birth

this is retrieving the patent record. the php code is working up to this point.

i am thinking it would be nice if i could populate a list box with the result or results from the search so the receptionist can click on one of the results to select it. the selected result will then be used later when i create the appointment creation part.

so is there a easy way of doing this thanks.
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Check if the following code helps you.
function show_list_items($mySQL="", $selectname="noname", $firstitemname="", $selectid=0, $parameters="")
	echo "<select name=\"".$selectname."\"  class='textbox' id=\"".$selectname."\" ".$parameters.">\n";
	if ($firstitemname != '') echo "<option value=\"0\">".$firstitemname."</option>\n";
	if ($mySQL != '' )
		$rsSelect = mysql_query($mySQL);
		if($rsSelect) {
			$rowcnt = 0;
			while ($options = mysql_fetch_array($rsSelect)) 
				if ($options['0'] == $selectid) 
					echo "<option value=\"".$options['0']."\" SELECTED>".ucwords(trim($options['1']))."</option>\n";
				} else {
					echo "<option value=\"".$options['0']."\">".ucwords(trim($options['1']))."</option>\n";
	echo "</select>\n";

$mySQL = "SELECT feilds FROM table_name ";

show_list_items($mySQL, 'name_of_the_selectbox', 'First Item');

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I think you are searching for a populate list box when typing on the search box. You can try jquery to autocomplete widget to make the list populate.

It uses ajax option to get based on database results.

URL: http://docs.jquery.com/UI/Autocomplete 

I think it will be useful.
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