Dialup not working

I have a client with a new computer and an usb modem the system is a slim factor computer and cannot install an internal modem via pci slot.
We get a dial tone from the line that is plugging in to the computer and can receive / make phone calls with no problems.
The issue is when I dial the ISP it cannot dial out says No dial tone. I have replaced the modem 3 times all different brands.
I get this issue with 2 computers the client and my laptop witch works at my home on dialup with no problem.
I would like to know what could be the cause for this if possible the fix.

She is running windows 7 HP
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Gump_000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Two things I could suggest:
- Make sure it's connected to the right port on the USB modem (eg. line/phone). This is probably correct.
- With the dial tone, does it sound different on the client's line (compared to your line)?
- If dial tone sounds different, turn off detect dial tone (instructions for XP):
Click Start, click Control Panel
Click Printers and Other Hardware, and then click Phone and Modem Options.
Click the Modem tab, click your modem on the list of installed modems, and then click Properties.
Click the Modem tab, click to clear the Wait for dial tone before dialing check box, and then click OK.
- This should allow the modem to dial out.
You just said it works at your home on a laptop but not there  and two computers don't work there?

I would say there is a problem with the phone line, id dialtone cannot be detected at the client location by three different PC/modem combinations.

You say you can make/receive calls on client's line.... but, how is the voice quality, do you hear a hum?

This could be anything from a dink in the phone line somewhere, to a short, or corrosion on the wall jack,  to too many RENs used by too many devices plugged into the client's phone service.

I think the noise would be pretty bad for it to say 'no dialtone'...  but possibly something is wrong with the dialtone it's getting.    

Try other phone jacks at the location....
try plugging the modem in at the demarc and testing there.

If that fails, then the client should call up the phone company, say they've been hearing static / hum on calls, and ask for a line test.

kalkaskageekAuthor Commented:
The Modem I just bought works at my house but not the clients.
I will have to check for a hum or any noise.

I think the client has had the line tested.
I just hate to reinstall the OS and have that not be the issue.

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