ActiveSync on Exchange 2003 broken?

Hey guys
Ok, here is what happened.  I have SBS 2003.  I had some problems with the Exchange Store so I added a second exchange server to the domain.  I moved all of the emails to the second server, renamed the priv1.edb and priv1.stm (after stopping the store of course) and started the store back up.  I then moved all the emails back to the server.  So far so good right?  Everything was working just fine.  So I went ahead and decommissioned the second Exchange server and everyone can still get their email through Outlook and thru OWA.  BUT!!  the people who have Smart Phones with ActiveSync are no longer getting thier emails on the phone.  The people with Blackberries are (no Blackberry server onsite, just using the normal way I guess).  I thought at first since EVERYONE who had trouble was going thru ATT and so I thought the problem was there.  No.  I talked to another girl who has a SMart PHone with Verizon and she is having issues too.

I checked everything I could (even logged into http(s):// and I got a prompt and saw the email in Text format).  I went into Global Settings and went to Mobile and it appears that everything is the same way it was before.   I am stumped.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Also, a second issue that has been bugging me for weeks.

Every day (or so it seems) at 5:20 PM I cannot access the Mail server thru OWA and in fact anything that I send to the server doesnt reach it.  No one gets or can get email from the outside.  They can get email from within no problem, and I can login to the from behind the firewall with no issue so it doesnt appear to be a server problem.  No one has any trouble getting to the server if they are at the office, but no one can get to any of the web pages on the server from outside the firewall.  I can login to the server remotely no problem, but thats it.  No web pages work.  I even set some up on some odd ports and still nothing.

HELP!! :-)

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"Every day (or so it seems) at 5:20 PM I cannot access..."
How long does this last?

As for Activesync, since you know OMA is working, it's probably a config on the phones or a certificate problem. Have you tried re-setting up the account on one of the phones? If I understand correctly, you had a problem with server A, so you moved mail to server B and then back to server A right? So the DNS names and all are the same as they were?

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jonmenefeeAuthor Commented:
What I ended up doing was telling all the clients to reset their email config on their phones and it worked.
As far as the connection issue.  still dont know what causes it.  It doesnt happen every day, but it just seems very strange.
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