Cisco RV 042 VPN and NCP Configuration

I'm trying to configure a Cisco RV042 VPN router and allow client access using NCP.  I need to use NCP as I use it for other VPN connections.  

Current config in the router
IPSEC setup
Keying mode IKE with preshare key
Group 1
Phase 2
Group 1
AES 256

IKE policy
AES 256
DH Group1

IPSEC Policy
ESP ( not editable)
AES 256
Exchange aggressive
PFS group 1

4/7/2011 10:44:23 PM  IPSec: Start building connection
4/7/2011 10:44:23 PM  IPSec: DNSREQ: resolving dnserver over lan:
4/7/2011 10:44:23 PM  IPSec: DNSREQ: resolved ipadr:
4/7/2011 10:44:23 PM  Ike: Outgoing connect request AGGRESSIVE mode - gateway= : PMCGi
4/7/2011 10:44:23 PM  Ike: XMIT_MSG1_AGGRESSIVE - PMCGi
4/7/2011 10:44:23 PM  Ike: RECV_MSG2_AGGRESSIVE - PMCGi
4/7/2011 10:44:23 PM  Ike: IKE phase I: Setting LifeTime to 28800 seconds
4/7/2011 10:44:23 PM  Ike: IkeSa negotiated with the following properties -
4/7/2011 10:44:23 PM    Authentication=PRE_SHARED_KEY,Encryption=AES,Hash=SHA,DHGroup=1,KeyLen=256
4/7/2011 10:44:23 PM  IPSec: Final Tunnel EndPoint is:
4/7/2011 10:44:23 PM  Ike: XMIT_MSG3_AGGRESSIVE - PMCGi
4/7/2011 10:44:23 PM  Ike: IkeSa negotiated with the following properties -
4/7/2011 10:44:23 PM    Authentication=PRE_SHARED_KEY,Encryption=AES,Hash=SHA,DHGroup=1,KeyLen=256
4/7/2011 10:44:23 PM  Ike: phase1:name(PMCGi) - connected
4/7/2011 10:44:23 PM  SUCCESS: IKE phase 1 ready
4/7/2011 10:44:23 PM  IPSec: Phase1 is Ready - IkeIndex=29,AltRekey=1
4/7/2011 10:44:23 PM  IPSec: Quick Mode is Ready: IkeIndex = 0000001d , VpnSrcPort = 500
4/7/2011 10:44:23 PM  IPSec: Assigned IP Address:
4/7/2011 10:44:23 PM  IkeQuick: XMIT_MSG1_QUICK - PMCGi
4/7/2011 10:44:24 PM  Ike: NOTIFY : PMCGi : RECEIVED : INVALID_ID_INFORMATION : 18
4/7/2011 10:44:29 PM  Ike: NOTIFY : PMCGi : RECEIVED : INVALID_MESSAGE_ID : 9
4/7/2011 10:44:35 PM  Ike: NOTIFY : PMCGi : RECEIVED : INVALID_MESSAGE_ID : 9
4/7/2011 10:44:41 PM  Ike: NOTIFY : PMCGi : RECEIVED : INVALID_MESSAGE_ID : 9
4/7/2011 10:44:42 PM  IkeQuick: phase2:name(PMCGi) - error - cleared by phase1
4/7/2011 10:44:42 PM  ERROR - 4037: IKE(phase2):Waiting for message2, cleared by phase1 - PMCGi.
4/7/2011 10:44:42 PM  IPSec: Disconnected from PMCGi on channel 1.

I get through Phase 1 but not through phase 2.  

Any ideas?
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The advantage of using NCP is you can contact their excellent support. The support email is They will respond quickly and get you going! This company rocks.
I have this document from them - attached. I think it will help you. Something is not configured correctly.
Joe_CoolAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the feedback.  I looked over your doc and a similar one from their web page to no avail.  I filed a support request so we'll see what comes of that.  I agree this is a setup issue as others have used this combination successfully in the past - just frustrating.  
Joe_CoolAuthor Commented:
Update: So I got it working via a internet guide from NCP.  I cannot do full tunneling yet only split to my network but it is progress.

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Joe_CoolAuthor Commented:
Provide half points. I usedn another document I found on my own.  NCP never replied to my requuest with is not the fault of this board however I also never received any additional info from All Virtual.  I feel half is fair for trying.  In the end I did get it to work albiet not as desired ( with Full Tunneling), so I agree it can be closed
Robert MarleySinger / SongwriterCommented:
I am starting the Auto-Close procedure on behalf of the question asker, to close this question, after the 'Objection' by Joe_Cool stopped the procedure. The course of action selected seems the most equitable action to take in this instance, with no responses within a timely manner to our below request(s).

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