Questions on Blackberry Enterprise Express Software ?

 - we have around 5 blackberry users in our office.

- Microsoft Small business 2008 server with exchange 2007 .

- we wanted to download the Black berry express free software and install it

1.  How easy is to install the BEE software ?

2.  Is it worth installing the BEE on a server in a small business network where there
     are around 5-7 black berry users ?

3.  I know the software is free to download? is there any catch or hidden licenses which
    we need to buy for the software or any additional components for them to work at
    a later stage ?

4.  Is having BEE server worth it ?

5.  Does it need lot of maintenance ,patches....etc  later ?

6.  Can BEE be installed and used for more then one domain email server ?
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From my experience installing this at many small businesses...

1.  Blackberry Enterprise Software Express (commonly abbreviated BESx, if you're searching for info) isn't too hard to install. I understand that that is a very subjective answer to a subjective question, but if you download the documentation and read through it first, have all the info required at hand, and are fairly familiar with installing application, it should be doable... again, just read through the docs and get any questions answered up front.

2.  If you are using BBs, personally I think it is very useful. It is a full, two-way synch between Exchange and the BB, and your info is delivered to the BB (basically) immediately, it makes upgrading BBs or replacing broken ones easier, as the info is stored on the BESx database...

3.  BESx can server up to 75 users with no additional fees. You can get a support plan if you want, but it is not required.

4.  Again, very subjective, but as in your previous question, I believe it is. In addition to the above, it lets you control the BBs through 'policies' (if that is important), so you can enforce many (BESx is more limited that the full BES) of the options on the BBs.

5.  Yes, as with most software... RIM comes out with patches and upgrades periodically that they recommend be installed. They are usually painless, but, again like other software, there have been instances of pain that do occur. I usually recommend that unless you are experiencing a specific issues that is resolved in a patch/upgrade or really need a new feature immediately, just wait a month or two to let others work out any issues.

6. One BESx server can only be connected to one Exchange. If the Exchange users have difference email domain names, that can be made to work - they just need to be part of the same Exchange.

I'm sure other will have their own opinions on this, but we find that if you are an organization with BBs and have a capable server (there are definitely requirements in memory and processing - it can be installed on the SBS 2008 server, but if there is another machine is can run on, we usually recommend that), it's definitely a worthwhile add to the network, with a 'relatively' low cost - mostly in time...

RIM's other option, their Blackberry Internet Service, is another option, of course, and has been expanded recently to provide better synchronization of email, calendar and contacts. This requires no additional software 'in-house', requires no additional 'enterprise' plans from certain carriers (although that requirement has lessened as well with BESx), and can be easier to setup per phone. But in general, if you have more than 2-3 devices, we usually recommend the BESx if there is a machine it can go on...
Mike SullivanDirectorCommented:
My recommendation is that you get a qualified expert in to install the server software for you. When you install it yourself it can be a painless process provided everything goes exactly according to plan. As soon as you hit a snag, you can end up tearing your hair out, binning BlackBerry and missing out on some of its best features. You can get a BESx installation for as little as £350 exc. VAT.

BESx actually supports unlimited users for zero additional license costs. The 75 user limit is actually a RIM recommendation when installing the BES software on the same hardware platform as the mail server.

BES patches come out periodically, but are not always required. I have several clients who are still running a BES 4.1.4 that hasn't been touched since it was installed 4 years ago. The solution just works.
Rob KnightConsultantCommented:

I'd recommend BES and BESx in an instant!

If you are subject to regulatory or legislative requirements to protect personal data etc. then BES simplifies this by enabling you to control device functionality (such as encryption) passwords etc. centrally - admittedly BESX has about 25% of what BES can do but that should be fine.

Activation is easy - you can use BIS and still activate OTA so no BES data plan required:

You can also use wired activation using web desktop manager or BlackBerry dekstop manager.

I'm implementing a 1500 user HA solution which is admittedly more complicated than yours, but the customer loves their BlackBerry and centralised administration via BES makes supporting it a breeze!


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OCUBEAuthor Commented:

OK, I had successfully installed the BESx server.

I haven't changed any default policies .

One thing what users complained today was:

 When they delete an email from blackberry device it does NOT get deleted from there local outlook(which is connected to local exchange server).

Is there a configuration or setting which I need to check for the above problem.

Make sure that on the BB under Email reconciliation "Delete On" is set to Mailbox & Handheld and "On Conflicts" is set to Mailbox Wins
OCUBEAuthor Commented:
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