Clickonce application hosted inside another application

We have differents applications that are deployed with Clickonce. To ease the task of users, I would like to have one application that has links in it. Each link would be a URL to a clickonce application. I would like to host these applications inside tabpages. My TabControl is on application A. This application have 3 links, B, C, D which are linking to clickonce application.

When user clicks on B, it launches the application but it is contained in a tabpage. I don't want the user to have multiple application on his screen, just one big application with tabs in it.
I managed to do this first by creating a solution that includes all other projects but the problem is that if one of the applications has been updated, it won't be updated automatically because I have to republish my big application each time.

To resume, I just want to be able to open one ClickOnce application that can launches other ClickOnce applications that are shown inside that application (in a tabpages, or any other control)
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Yes, if you want sub-applications to reside in tabpages, then you can't do it with click-once deployment. You will need to republish main applications with sub-applications again whenever you make changes.
What is type of containing application ? its also a click once deployed windows form application? If so, then you should be putting some URL of B,C,D of application, then publish the container application (with tabs/section). It would not include all other application's deployments setups.
LanticrogersAuthor Commented:
They're all winforms applications.

One big application (winforms) with a tabcontrol. Each tabpage contains one winforms application (clickonce). I thought about launching these applications with a URL but I don't know how to tell a tabpage to host a winforms application inside it.
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So you want your sub-applications to be contained only in a respective Tab of main application? That will require all applications to be single deployment unit. And change in one lead to republish of main application.
LanticrogersAuthor Commented:
But I have multiple applications calling the same. Example (all winforms apps, all clickonce):

3 sales applications (call them S1, S2, S3)
2 warehouse applications (call them W1, W2)
4 finance applications (call them F1, F2, F3, F4)

Then I have 3 "main applications" : Sales, Warehouses, Finances

Each of these 3 applications is a solution that includes projects from the applications list above.
so for Sales main application, I have links to S1, S2 and S3 but also to W1,F1,F4.
The Finance application have links to F1, F2, F3, F4, W1 and S3.

When we click on these links, the main form of the application (F1, F2, etc) is shown in a tabpages inside the big application.

If I modify S3, I deploy it. Someone who's using only S3 will have it automatically updated but if someone use the Finance Application or the Sales application he won't have the latest version of S3 unless I re-deploy a new version of the Sales and Finance  application. That is a lot of deployments. I would like to be able to deploy S3 once.

I know that I can call any application from a big application and it will automatically update only if it's just a link by itself, but if i want to open it inside the big application (tabpages)  It seems I can't do it.
LanticrogersAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help. I would like ClickOnce to allow that :(
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