problem method with select huge number of records and display...too slow

I am facing a problem about the method to select to process and display. writing a store procedure for Oracle database.
I am doing the enquiry screen something like page 1, until page 100. each page have display 100 row.
each time have select more than 10 or 20 thousand records.. then using looping get from line
1000 to line 1100. then pass to front end and display, it take too long time.. about 5 seconds to 9 seconds.. make it less than 1 second.
anyone can help me to improve the speed?
any idea something like... just select from XXX row to XXX row.. then pass to front end.. without any looping. or other better idea..
thank you ..hopefully probvide with the syntax
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select * from (select * from table order by something) where rownum between x and y

As long as your 'something' is indexed, you should be fine.

You should always be retrieving records that fit one page, no more.

gagajaniceAuthor Commented:
thanks for ur reply..

the between X and Y, the "X" .. is only work with 1... if i put other number, other than 1... it will return empty..
Hi all,

Rownum is a pseudo-col in oracle and has a very specific use. It is assigned just before the server returns a result. In other words, your query might have any conditions, you will always have rownum = 1, 2, 3, etc...

Check this example, and adapt it to your need :

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Another thing about speeding up such a query is to make a staging/temporary table that stores an already sorted resultset.

You would avoid 'reading the whole' + 'sorting' every time. It would request an initial load (so probably a first wait time) but it will surely speed up navigation'.


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select * from (select * from (select * from pagination order by id) where rownum <= ENDNUM order by id desc) where rownum <= (ENDNUM-STARTNUM+1) order by id;

replace startnum and endnum with appt values.

I am not very sure about performance.
gagajaniceAuthor Commented:
Thank you... ur method is working!!! hhihi
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