Oracle database - query could bring database to a halt??

I come from a very strong technical background and can write sql queries in my sleep.  I have since switched over to more strategic and functional role and have experienced some of the hardest push back ever from a technology professional.  Most tech workers love me b/c I will write the code, hand it over and ask them to run anything that needs a function/procedure.  I'm very rare in doing this but I can do my job that much faster.  Since I started at my new position, I have had tremendous push back from technology.  There's a system in place that's a mess.  I was put in charge of trying to eliminate millions of duplicate records occuring each day.  Originally this number was around 6mm and now its closer to 12mm.  I somehow managed to get read-only access and technology nearly died almost demanding that I have my id revoked.  I was asked by my boss to run a query last night on another very large table.  Somehow during the nightly batch process, my id was put in queue and this morning caused the system to run at a terribly slow rate.  The tech staff obviously doesn't know what they are doing.  Originally, they told me there were only 400k records in the database but upon further investigation, I discovered millions and was immediately put on the defense while explaining how I got this number.  I noticed the database has nearly run out of space, certain reports do not run and I even suggested the cache needs to be increased.  After yesterday, the tech girl decided to email everyone under the sun with a screenshot that I don't know what I'm doing.  Granted its senior level staff that don't know anything about technology.  I've tried pointing out several items that make no sense:
1. several "fix" tables
2.. no archive process
3. no backup process
4. the list goes on and on

In the past I had to ask for a query for over 2 months and I received nothing.  Last week, someone from the business asked to update 5,000 records.  Technology told them this is a manual process -- for an Oracle database, I suggested a dataloader or something and they gave me eyes of death.  Now they want to revoke my access and belittle me.  Any advice on how to handle this??

My query was this:

select min (date) from holdings

-- that was it and I was told I didn't know what I was doing although she can't run a simple query and if she does the results are all incorrect.  I now have a meeting with my boss tomorrow and was told not to run any queries...I don't want to but I was asked to by my boss.  Anything I can do beforehand???
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Yes, it is better to quit and find a boss who will appreciate your skills.

Never, ever, ever, work for, or fight against, an idiot is what I have learnt.  Doing so is a guaranteed loss.


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Naveen KumarProduction Manager / Application Support ManagerCommented:
you should have got the tech. team to work for you by escalating to your boss or boss's boss.. as now your new role has nothing to do with tech. stuff though you might be a genius in the tech stuff.

What i mean to say is that when your role is something, just stick to it and get the others do their part and make your boss aware that your result is dependent on how good the tech team can work for you.

On the other side of this, your boss might see that you are much dependent on the tech team etc (:

But i do agree the fact, that one being a genius cannot make a dumb person as an intelligent.
Naveen KumarProduction Manager / Application Support ManagerCommented:
i know why you might have got the query executed by yourself after struggling to get read only id etc ( basically to make your boss to get some trust on you etc which is well and good ) but when you do something which other people has to do ( whether they know or not ), they have all the right to say that you are a functional guy and you know nothing about tech and surprisingly your boss might nod for this statement as well. So don't be in that state for whatever reason it is.
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rgagli1Author Commented:
I agree - the fact is I've had to create several complex queries and can't ever get a response from technology.  I've escalated to my boss and they have been waiting to evoke my id.  Now I'm trying to defend myself and want to at least not look stupid.  The database is in bad shape.  I pointed out a few months ago that it was about to run out of space, then technology laughed and had an emergency fix over the weekend.  The fact she emailed everyone this morning was uncalled for and I want to go in tomorrow with a plan.
Naveen KumarProduction Manager / Application Support ManagerCommented:
that is the usual mentality of every human being, when we do things for years together thinking we do it the best way/we are the best in doing what we are doing etc and when new people come in and tell something, we don't kind of give importance/respect to what new comers say though they are a real genius. It will take sometime for you to gain trust, confidence, faith from them/your boss to make them understand what you are telling is the next problem to be in plate..

you need to understand one thing very clear, when a team of 10 members are running the show for the last few years ( with or without database issues, emergency fixes etc ) - and you try to steal the show from now on by imposing your views/ideas is not something everyone likes and hence the reason for this question posted here :)

there are some real genuine people in this world as well and they take upfront the suggestions/views of others to the betterment of systems/add value to the existing systems by doing whatever possible in their control and i would love to be one among this group of people :)

hope all your problems/issues will get resolved soon as time goes on.......
1) Stay constructive, since you're new and unknown by your bosses ! As far as I can tell, a team will hardly eject a member if they are together since a long time...

2) When your bosses will trust you & support you, you will be able to suggest at the higher level possible your company needs a real DBA (not only one that pretends to be one, but someone with lots of experience). Your company could also hire a consultant on temporary basis to fix the db.

3) Even if you know how to do SQL, think 'efficient'. A query like yours might be a very hard load for a busy db. If your tech team does not their job, it's up to you to help yourself without penalising the others.

Check how many rows there are into the table before launching such a global query. On a table with no index on the date col and no partitioning on that date, the query :
a) reads all the table (loading it entirely in memory)
b) sorts it, based on the criteria you need (blowwing out temporary tablespace)
c) returns the result.

(a) & (b) are both a threat to the db...

If you see all the wors conditions are there, split yourself the workload by querying only chunks of the table with a where condition on the primary key, for example...

slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
I agree with everything said.  No matter how inept a 'team' is, it is still a team and the new guy must earn their way in.

You can be 'right' all day long and if you fight the resistance you will likely lose.  The team will exert all its energy into the fight.  Many against one is a losing situation.

I also agree that what might seem like an innocent query can impact some systems.  Especially mis-configured ones.  I've worked on some in the past that were so POORLY created/designed they were horribly unstable.  Doing anything considered 'outside' normal operations could cause a cascade effect and eventual crash.

That said:

Give it time and Document, document, document.  Did I mention DOCUMENT?

Do you have dated documentation from months ago warning staff/management of the eventual space issue?  Pull up that email, present it in the meeting and keep saying 'Told you so' as POLITELY as you can.

Keep writing papers/suggestions/???  The more you can document your 'correctness', the better you will look and the more light it will shed on the 'team' issues.

Eventually people will start to see that you might actually know what you are talking about and start listening.

If not and it becomes toxic, take sshah254's advice...
rgagli1Author Commented:
I have good news.  Thankfully it's not a team, she has had 2 open position for over 2 years.  And her email actually got her in a ton of trouble and these people are doubting her b/c after trying to evoke my access, she had to call me to ask how to run a particular type of query.  Thank you for the advice and I know as the new guy I have to prove myself but I always go in with the attitude of being a team player.
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
Glad to see this worked out for you!  First round to you.

Good luck in the position.  Hopefully the problem employee will come around and the system can be salvaged.
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