Copying printers to another domain controller - will i be able to remove originating server

Hi Guys,

We migrated to a new server and we have printers that have issues with 64bit drivers and so we have created a Hpyer-V server running Server 2003 R2 which is the same as the current server that holds the printers.
I have ran the Microsoft Print Migration tool and have restored them to the new Server 2003 server but one of the printers doesn't show up, i've checked the drivers installed and it's not there.
I have tried to do this a few times but for whatever reason it won't move.
My question is this, if i go onto the new Server 2003 DC and ADD this printer then i presume it copies across the drivers anyway so could i do this and then remove the existing Server 2003 and be able to point the clients to the new Server 2003 machine and use this printer or will it still only show on the old server ?
Hope this makes sense.
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Jared LukerCommented:
The printers are listed as a share name.  If the old server is \\server1 and the printer is called Printer1, then the UNC path will be \\server1\printer1.

If you install the printer as printer1 on the new server and name the new server the same as the old server (\\server1), then the clients will not know the difference.

I am upgrading my servers to Server 2008 R2 at work.  I have a temporary server where I set up the print queues with the EXACT same name as they are on the original server.  When I bring the original server down and rename the temp server to the original server name, the printer shares work exactly as they are supposed to.

Does that answer your question?
NetexpertsAuthor Commented:
That's worked fine.

Jared LukerCommented:
If it worked, then why the B grade?
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