OK someone has to know this about OUTLOOK 2007 CALENDAR

I have asked this a number of ways but am not getting an answer so here is the long version of the story.

I use MS Outlook 2007 on a PC.  I bought a MacBook Pro and partitioned the hard drive.  Everything works perfectly.  Apple programs run fine, Windows programs run fine.

The MS Outlook 2007 that I have is a copy I bought so I have the software and loaded it on to the Macbook in the Windows side of the hard drive, imported my .pst file and all is well there too.

The problem I have is with the calendar.  Exporting off the old machine and importing to the Mac seemed to go well, all appointments are there and look good.  The problem I have is that some appointments are like stuck and can not be moved.  On the old machine I could drag and drop appointments to different time slots.  I can't do that now with recurring appointments only. one-time appointments, no problem but recurring appointments don't work

I can change the category color on them, modify the text from calendar view but if I click on one of those recurring appointments and open it up, that is where things are messed up.

Instead of opening up the normal window with scheduling, reminders, categories and the like, I get a blank email window.  

Surely someone can help. Please.
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ChrisCruisesAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my question and the long explanation of what I was looking for. Your link took me to the answer and all is well now.  I really appreciate your expert opinion.
You are very welcome.
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