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Hi All

I have not as yet deployed this as I need to make sure that this feature is available in SBS 2011 Std with Enterprise CALS - Outlook 2010 on all client PC's, currently the Client has SBS 2003 - Outlook 2007

The Owner of the company has two Personal Assistants.
Both PA's have full access to his Mailbox in Outlook 2007
When we move to SBS 2011 all client PC's will be upgraded to Outlook Retail/Volume version of Outlook 2011 for access to the User Archive features of Exchange 2011 the setup will be the same as in permissions.

Archiving will be setup for the Owner on his mailbox.
With full permissions they will both PA's be able to see his mailbox as normal, but will they also have access to his Archive ?, I assume the Archive will appear below his mailbox in there Outlook 2010 clients.

This is critical that the PA's can get access to his archive without having to log into OWA with his login details.

Can some body please confirm.
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Brian BEE Topic Advisor, Independant Technology ProfessionalCommented:
Yes, it will work. If you require some documentation, have a look at this article under the heading "delegate access":

"In Exchange 2010 SP1, when you assign Full Access permissions to a mailbox, the delegate to which you assign the permissions can also access the user's personal archive."
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