Import multiple mailboxes into one outlook account

Hi all

I have an exchange server 2003
I have about 25 users
All 25 users worked for a client of mine

I need to access all email correspondents between my company  and this client

So my question is

Is it possible to import all mail correspondents between both companies into one outlook so I can run searches  through all this mail ?
If this is possible how do I do this?

IP4IT StaffAsked:
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Yes, this is possible.  Using EXMERGE you can export all mail from the exchange server(s), and then after that you have one of two options:

Attach all the resulting .PST files onto one Outlook client
use EXMERGE again to import all the mail onto one outlook user

Note that the second option will cause a lot of confusion and mayhem as all mails will be merged into one mailbox - the first option will still have separate mailboxes for each user.  My preference is the first option.

Have you also considered that from one exchange account you can connect to another person's mailbox?  If you set up one super-user, and give them access to every users mailbox, they can set their outlook to open up all mailboxes when they open up theirs.

You must also take into account the Data Protection Act when implementing such a thing like this :)
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