Powershell script which connects to SFTP and downloads new files


I need a powershell script whcih can connect to a SFTP site. has anyone done this i, understand that there may be a cost in getting this to work can anyone provide a script that they currently have working even if this means that we need to but some third party plugin ro access SFTP

let me know as soon as you can

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Bryan ButlerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Bryan ButlerCommented:
Oh, and you will probably have to pay as this functionality is tricky to do in powershell.  They will probably have some command in a CTP someday.  Of course if you're going to pay, you may try robo-ftp.  Here's a link that does have some tricky options for this:

Robo-FTP was designed to be scriptable so it can handle fairly complicated SFTP automation tasks by itself without Powershell.  

If, however, you having an existing process based on Powershell you could perhaps use it to launch Robo-FTP with command line parameters that pass variable values to the Robo-FTP command script.  Robo-FTP also has a COM interface so you could perhaps integrate with an existing Powershell process that way.
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