something about ocs

how to migrate LCS to OCS
how to migrate  OCS to lync
on which protocal ocs works
types of roles in ocs

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Jian An LimSolutions ArchitectCommented:
for all the migration path, it always advise to do it side by side (i.e. install ocs to new hardware, then migrate) (same applies to ocs to lync)

the requirement for OCS to lync is that you must have all OCS 2007 r2 before moving to Lync. has most of the technical document. it is very hard to go through all of the steps as it has really alot.

protocol depends on what you want to use.
roles in ocs is listed in technet - lync - ocs 2007 r2

you need to at least read the planning and design before deploy.

the planning will go though all the roles
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