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Has anyone ever been an investor in IT developments? And if so how did you find out about the development and thus invest into the development? There seems a lot of money to be made these days with stuff like facebook apps, whereby folk invest their money in experienced developers to develop stuff like facebook-poker or facebook-dating apps. I just wondered if these investors come up for the idea to contacted developers, or if developers “reach out” for investors so they can code the app and publish it. Or any other IT investments you have invested in that have proved beneficial to your wallet, and how you found out about such investments?
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I think this is going be one of the things where you need to focus first on the areas where you have experience and knowledge.  If you have lots of money to invest, you should go about it from that side, talking with the money people.
If you have specific knowledge or interest in a industry, software package, etc, start talking with people in those industries.
What trade magazines do you get?  There are many computer related ones that you should read.  Also the financial ones, WSJ, IBD.
If you are looking to get involved in a starting software company, start looking at the project on Source Forge and other development sites.  
Then start cross referencing all the information, who that was mentioned in WSJ is involved in the projects on source forge or listed as a company to watch in WIRED or FAST Company.

Start attending industry events.  Many industry events have free passes to the trade show floor.  Start networking, taking names and putting yours out there if you have something to offer.  

There is no easy money.  Most of these startups fail.  

FWIW, Why do you only offer 200-250 points?  As a full member your points are unlimited.  I stumbled on yours by accident.  Normally I filter out any question that is less than 500.  Just not worth the time and effort.
My experience has been:
1. write it for your own use, fix it up for sale, and then find buyers.
2. work with developer to co-develop software or a feature.  If they can sell it to other customers you split the profits.

Typically the early investors are known personally.  Only after software is proven and can demonstrate value will investors look at it.  The exceptions are people with proven track records.
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Are there sites forums where they advertise?
pma111Author Commented:
Thanks will take on board the points issue wasn't aware people did that
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