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I have two physical servers. Server A and Server B. I use local attached storage on both. I want to mirror a virtual machine between both servers, so that if server A fails I can run it off of Server B. Does anyone know of any software that will allow you to mirror a VM between two physical servers? Both servers are on the same network, subnet with a GB connection. The local storage is fast with 15K SAS drives.
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Nothing that I know of automated that's free. You didn't specify if you're using ESXi, but since you didn't mention vCenter, I will assume you have to vSphere Hypervisor (free ESXi) hosts? If you do have free version (no vCenter), what I recommend you do is upgrade to a minimum of Essentials for about $500-$600US). This gives you vCenter and more importantly access to vStorage APIs. That will allow you to then use a 3rd party VM replication tool such as Veeam Backup & Replication that will replicate any VM you choose. If you replicate a VM from ServerA to ServerB and both your ServerA and VM are down, you can simply 'power on' your replicated VM on ServerB and you're up! Veeam runs about $500US per ESX/ESXi host CPU socket.


webiisAuthor Commented:
OK, I was trying to simplify my question, but it looks like leaving parts out actually hurt myself. We do have these two servers controlled by V Center Foundation and have the ability to hot clone them etc.  Is there a way to do this in VMware?
webiisAuthor Commented:
Yes, we are using esxi 4.0 and 4.1
Well, you can use either vCenter Converter (or the Converter Standalone tool), or Clone capability in vCenter to 'copy' your VMs to ServerB, but 1. it's not automated, and 2. it's only a "point-in-time" copy. So, if you lose your ServerA host and VMs and need to power on the cloned VMs on ServerB, your VMs will only be as current as when you last Cloned/Converted them.


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Mirroring is the act of writing to 2 disks simultaneously.. you can set up disks in a mirror using raid 1.  you can also set up software mirrors inside a guest OS using 2 physical disks from 2 separate storage units.  But in order to do this your VM must have visibility to both storage disks via the ESX host.  

there is software that will allow you to create virtual shared storage between two ESX hosts.  The Left Hand virtual appliance now owned by HP is one way to do this but it is very pricy.  I know there are others.  

Also, you can download the free Open Filer iscsi software appliance, an iscsi software solution that you can install on a server, or in a VM, and then use that as a shared storage appliance.  If you don't have an extra physical server to install the Open filer sofware, you can deploy it as a VM:

1)  install the open filer appliance as a VM on one of your ESX servers, ESX host A
2)  Assign as much disk space as you can to the appliance from what you have available on your local storage, this space you allocate to Open filer will now be a pool of share storage accessible by any server via its iscsi initiator, including ESX and or any VM
3)  connect both of your ESX host's iscsi initiators \ adaptors to the open filer VM's iscsi storage
4)  Now that both ESX servers have shared storage which points to the Open filer VM, the VM on host A, you now have shared storage and can use VMotion and HA for any VM who's virtual disks are located on this iscsi storage pool.  
5) Now you can take the VM for which you want its data mirrored, add 2 virtual disks to it, one disk will reside on the local storage of the ESX host, the other disk will reside on the Open filer storage pool.  Log into your guest OS and configure a software mirror combining both the virtual disks using disk management, and voila, you now have a software mirror where data will be written to both ESX server A's disk and ESX server Bs disk.  

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