How do I configure guest wi-fi access through Cisco 4402 Anchor WLC?

I am looking for some assistance in configuring a Cisco 4402 WLC as an Anchor controller for guest wi-fi public Internet access through a corporate network.  I have 2 4402s at the HQ site (one configured as the local WLC for the WAPs and one as the Anchor to the DMZ) and have WLC 2100s at multiple remote locations connected via the WAN.  I have looked through a few configuration examples with screen shots from Cisco's website, but don't have it working yet.  My first challenge is that guest clients are not even getting a DHCP address for the external DHCP server.  Any help is appreciated.

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zulazenConnect With a Mentor Commented:

DId you setup a VLAN for guest only traffic?  If so you can setup an SSID on your controller and associate it with that VLAN.  For DHCP on our wireless clients, I typically let our controller hand out addresses.  We've had trouble with the NAC appliance we use doing it any other way.  To setup DHCP on your controller, go to controller then Internal DHCP Server on the left.  Select New in the upper right and create a scope name.  Configure all of your subnet, address range info and save the scope.  Next go to your SSID and select the DHCP override box in the advanced tab.  Set the DHCP server for the address of the guest VLAN interface on the wireless controller.  

Also, for your guest network... I haven't tried this on our 4402 (we have another NAC solution) but I believe it has a captive portal you can setup for your guest network to where you can authenticate clients via active directory, radius, etc.  This is done through their web browser when they connect.
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