barcode label program for microsoft access

I am looking now for a barcode label program that will link to microsoft access report.
I have found ID automation (last ee question)- good free version- but it only links to table- not a report-
does anyone know a program that will link to report ( inexpensive?)
thank you-
- i know i have created my own- but now I am being instructed to print to a zebra small printer and having trouble creating report - right size- and also get it to print right to printer-
thank you
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Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)President / OwnerCommented:
<<I am looking now for a barcode label program that will link to microsoft access report.>>

  Your not going to find that.  There are two approaches to printing bar codes:

1. You pass the data (not a report) to some external program and it produces the labels.  Something like Bar Tender for Windows.

2. You use a font, or third party control to procduce bar codes within your Access report.

  Some fonts are free, but many cost.  Also, a font only gives you the ability to print BC's, they don't give you the ability to calculate check digits, etc., which you need to come up with on your own.  If you use a control, then it does most of the work.  You just place the data in a control on your report and it does the rest.

  Some thing like this:

  However none of the controls or add-ins are free.

davetoughAuthor Commented:
thank you - for explanation-
i notice if I first have user enter data in access- then i open id automation software- they can print out labels like i want - linking to table- they wanted 1 step process - but it will have to be more
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