Query Not working

I have a function in which there is a SQL statement -

select sum(shrtgpa_hours_earned)/sum(shrtgpa_hours_attempted) into stu_comp_rate
from shrtgpa
where shrtgpa_pidm = ipidm and
           shrtgpa_term_code in ''' || ass_terms || ''';

The ass_terms ia a varchar2 and has a value of (201010,201020)

and ipidm is a number.

When I run the same query in command prompt I get a value for stu_compl_rate. However, in the function, the stu_compl_rate is NULL.

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at the command prompt you're either typing the value in "as is" , or you're using a substitution variable which isn't really a variable at all.

in the function you have a real variable,  and IN clauses don't work like that
you can change your query to accept the string and turn it into a collection that you can do the IN clause on
put the data in a temp table do the IN clause
(not recommended) use dynamic sql to embed the string as a literal
to turn a string like...   '201010,201020'  into a collection of 2 values use something like the attached type and function
then modify your sql like this...

select sum(shrtgpa_hours_earned)/sum(shrtgpa_hours_attempted) into stu_comp_rate
from shrtgpa
where shrtgpa_pidm = ipidm and
           shrtgpa_term_code in  (select * from table(str2tbl(ass_terms)))

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION str2tbl(p_string IN VARCHAR2, p_delimiter IN VARCHAR2 := ',')
        RETURN vcarray PIPELINED
        v_length   NUMBER := LENGTH(p_string);
        v_start    NUMBER := 1;
        v_index    NUMBER;
        WHILE(v_start <= v_length)
            v_index    := INSTR(p_string, p_delimiter, v_start);

            IF v_index = 0
                PIPE ROW(SUBSTR(p_string, v_start));
                v_start    := v_length + 1;
                PIPE ROW(SUBSTR(p_string, v_start, v_index - v_start));
                v_start    := v_index + 1;
            END IF;
        END LOOP;

    END str2tbl;

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alternately, if on 10g or higher

change the 100 to some number large enough to extract all the elements in your string
in your example , 2 would be sufficient

SELECT SUM(shrtgpa_hours_earned) / SUM(shrtgpa_hours_attempted)
  INTO stu_comp_rate
  FROM shrtgpa
 WHERE shrtgpa_pidm = ipidm
       AND shrtgpa_term_code IN
               (SELECT     REGEXP_SUBSTR(ass_terms, '[^,]+', 1, LEVEL)
                      FROM DUAL
                CONNECT BY LEVEL <= 100
                           AND REGEXP_SUBSTR(ass_terms, '[^,]+', 1, LEVEL) IS NOT NULL)

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