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So I recently brought up a new terminal server, moving from 2003 to 2008 and was happy to see the new remote app feature (seamless terminal server apps).  I've got it all setup, including using the web server.  I love this feature, as in a previous org I worked for, we ran Citirx (metaframe xp) which had the same feature.  This was wonderful for getting my OS X users on my Windows-only ERP system and Outlook (I'm not a fan of entourage and outlook 2011 Mac needs Exchange 2007 for native exchange support)

So, if we attempt to open a published app on a Mac, it just opens a full RDP session, not just the seamless application.  My question, is there any way to get seamless apps working on OS X?  
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"I got it to work this way: I created the .rdp from the remote app that I desired. create your .rdp as normal and test with your PC, it should only open that app.  Now take the .rdp from C:\program files\packaged programs and copy and paste it to your mac to edit and test.  Open RDC 2.0 on the mac and go to File > Edit a Connection. Point it to the .rdp file and it will open a screen showing you what you can edit. Now click the applications portion of the menu and check the box that says "start only the following windows applications" the rest should be fine. You can also specify the domain if you are using domain logins. Save it and test. "

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