IMAP access to Groupwise Resource

Is there a way to access the Resources mail by using IMAP? Which user and passwords should I use if possible.

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Ah... that makes it clearer.

When you Proxy into it, can you set a password for the mailbox?

If so, then try (say, using Thunderbird) to access it. Can you?

Mind you, I'm assuming, since you haven't bothered to say, that your IMAP access is via the POA instead of the GWIA. Both are possible, so if you're not using the POA functionality, then you really ought to take some time to explain your situation and environment fully, or we'll end up playing 20 Questions for the next week.
Hmmm...interesting Question. Might be easier to answer if you bothered to specify the version.

As best I recall, a GroupWise Resource is just another Mailbox. However, it differs from a regular User Mailbox in that it has no association to an eDirectory Object.

Have you tried to Proxy to it? The ID that is the Owner should be able to do that.

You can try directly accessing the Resource using the GroupWise fat client - although I can't recall how you set a password for it (not sure if you can do it from ConsoleOne or not).

You could put it in its own Post Office and get the POA to "Low Security" which would allow you to authenticate to the Resource without a password.
jimbobrocksAuthor Commented:
The groupwise version is 7.

I can access to it from the groupwise client using proxy, but this is for a 3rd app which needs IMAP access.
jimbobrocksAuthor Commented:
Oh yeah that worked. Just set a password from the Proxy and can access to it.
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