XenApp Mapped drives

We have a remote office that is in our network with a login script to mapped network drives in our main office and the remote's local server... drives H, S and T.
They use Citrix XenApp (server at main office) to access our ERP system located at he main office.  Desktop is published instead of individual apps for several reasons. Our issue is that when a user connects to Citrix Desktop, they get their login script again. So a users sees H, S and T and again H,S, T (on user local computer). Any ideas how to avoid seeing the double mapped drives?

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Carl WebsterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Can you show us the login script?

Do you use "if not exist h:\nul net use h: ...?
roxyndallasAuthor Commented:
@echo off

echo Mapping Shared Directory - S Drive ...
net use s: \\server\shared /persistent:no

echo Mapping Dept  Directory - T Drive ...
net use t: \\server1\shared /persistent:no
Carl WebsterCommented:
If would check for the existance of the drive before it is mapped and either not remap or delete the current mapping and then remap.
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