SharePoint Project Server 2010 BI Pie Chart with Dummy Data

I would like to know the simplest way to generate a pie chart in a PWA site using dummy data, just to prototype functionality of PerformancePoint o chart generation within the sharepoint site

My intention is generate 9 pie charts based on regions 8 where I would compare applicable vs no applicable, for example region 1 got 100 people 30 where no applicable, 70 applicable. etc.
Then the 9th pie chart is a summary of the 8 regions with the overall result of applicable vs no applicable.

The data will come eventually from a database or web service but for now i just want to validate the easiest way to meet this requirement, I could create a custom list or generate an excel with the information I need to build these pie charts.

any ideas on how to accomplish that are welcome, thanks in advance

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