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I have a client with two offices a few miles apart.  At each office, they have a server (Win 2K3) which is used for file storage.  They would like to be able to access files from either server, at either office.

They have high-speed cable internet at both locations.

I'm trying to determine an appropriate solution for this situation, but am running empty on solutions that are economical.


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Site to Site VPN would be useful. If two seperate domains, create trust between them and allow resources from either domain to access the required resources.
If there is a managed switch at both locations you should be able to set up a VLAN or VPN connection from each switch.

There are multiple ways to setup this functionality with minimal resources and lots of guides and websites focusing strictly on the how-to end of this.

Additionally, if the 2 sites have the same ISP you could speak to them if you do not have the physical equipment to make this tunnel.  The ISP may be able to do something on their end, or lease you the equipment needed to set it up.


How does a VPN interact with regular internet access?

Does the VPN force all traffic to the other site?

P.S. Do you have some recommendations for equipment.  They have unmanaged switches and simple routers.

You can actually use your 2003 servers to create a site to site VPN:

or you can use VPN routers at both sites.

The VPN routers, wether your 2K3 servers or dedicated ones, will route your VPN traffic and Intenet traffic accordingly.
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