Citrix not mapping printers correctly

I have a workstation in NY and I am in Chicago.  This workstation in NY uses Citrix to connect to our ERP system hosted here in Chicago.  I recently had to send him a new/used printer.  

When he logs into Citrix it won't map THAT particular printer.  But if I switch his default to one of the other printers he is connected to it will map it.  So the problem is only with this particular printer.  

but this printer is other places in our environment and works with no issues.  the Drivers for it are installed on the citirx servers and it works fine for anyone else.  The only difference I would see is that the other functional ones are networked while this one is connected to his computer through USB.  

So its a Dell 1815 on windows xp.  I used the drivers that are on the dell site as well as the ones that self install when the printer connects to the workstation for the first time.  It is connected through USB.  Other printers on the worstation will map just not this one.  The drivers are installed on all 3 citrix machines.  

Thanks for your advice in advance.
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MsAileenSConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I am sending him a new printer.  Close this ticket.  
amichaellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you configured printer autocreation through your Citrix Policies?  Autocreation determines how/if local printers (USB, LPT, IP) are connected in a XenApp session.  If you haven't allowed autocreation then local printers won't be available.
MsAileenSAuthor Commented:
Autocreation has been configured.  Everyone elses printers are creating fine when they log in.  And any other printer he hooks to his computer creates find and recognizes what his default is.  

It is just this one particular printer.  And this make and model printer is in other places in our environment and they work with no issues.  I don't want to buy him a new printer and i have no others in stock that meets the specs that he requires.
MsAileenSAuthor Commented:
So I still never got this particular printer to be recognized by citrix.  and its just this one printer.  My boss doesn't want to buy them a new one he wants to see if he can fix their old one and has ZERO printer experience whatsoever, but that is beside the point.  

In the meantime this person doing the recieving has to print at another department to a printer that doesn't work so good either but happens to be the same model that I am trying to get recognized by citrix.  
MsAileenSAuthor Commented:
I found it is the printer itself and not the system
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