in IE running on vista/windows7, returns null


I am using IE on vista.
I use the function to open a page hosted on another website.

var  obj1 =“”, obj1);

problem is obj1 is null after this function. This happens only in IE on vista/windows 7.

IE on XP works fine. firefox, safari, chrome works fine.

Any ideas on how to get that value of obj1 after
I need to value of obj1 so that I can do other operations on the window like redirect , close etc.

Any help will be appreciated.

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Quote from microsoft's page:

Internet Explorer 7 on Windows Vista: Opening a new window from an application (other than the Internet Explorer process) may result in a null return value. This restriction occurs because Internet Explorer runs in protected mode, by default. One facet of protected mode prevents applications from having privileged access to Internet Explorer when that access spans process boundaries. Opening a new window by using this method generates a new process. For more information about protected mode, see Understanding and Working in Protected Mode Internet Explorer. This commonly occurs for applications that host the WebBrowser control.
anumitAuthor Commented:
how to remove it from oracle database zone
Check this page :

The sName parameter must NOT contain spaces in IE
IE is very strict on the name used for the sName parameter. If set with a value that contains spaces: e.g. "search widgets" it will fail and you will not be able to access it from the opener.
anumitAuthor Commented:
thanks imantas. i am checking MS website
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