System 55 Error Occurred

I am trying to add a mapped drive via a login script for users logging in to a Windows 2008 Server R2 (w/ Remote Desktop Services).  I am logged into the user's session and I am trying to run the .bat file to ensure it maps properly before adding to the logon script.  

if exist Y: ECHO Removing Drive...
if exist Y: net use /delete Y:

Echo Mapping Users Folder
Echo Drive Y:
net use y: \\server03\Users\%username%

every time I try to run the .bat file I get a system 55 error occurred, the specified resource or network device is no longer available...

Under my login, this same test works.  Under a regular user with Full Control permissions to the shared location it doesn't...

I checked the folder name matches the username and all spellings are correct, the only notable difference from my login to the users login is that my username contains no spaces... mine = username   user's = user name  


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if the user name has spaces...maybe you need to encapsulate the path in qoutes
i.e.  net use y: "\\server02\users\%username%"
mwagoner_73Author Commented:
That did it!  Thanks!
Glad I could help! :-)
Please make sure you rate the solution....Thanks!
worked for me, thanks guys
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