Google Site Verification - Using google webmaster tools - Unable to verify website with Google

We have just completed the development of our website.  We have created an account with Google and were following the webmaster tools checklist.  One of the items on this checklist is "Set your preferred domain".  When we attemtp to set the domain, we pick the domain that we want and press save.  But then it pops an error message to verify it.  When we try to verify the verify the website using the Meta Tag option by placing the Google code into your index page.  Nothing seems to happen.  Google shows no indication that it was verified even though we put their code in the index page of the website.  Can someone point us in the right direction to get our website verified with the website.  Also, our account states we are a verified owner.  Does this mean that the site is actually verified but is incorrectly being shown that it is not verified?  Can someone point us in the right direction for this process?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Is the tag copied and pasted into the <head> section of your index page?
Make sure you only have one file named index.anything on your host site.
Some hosts treat index.html over index.php if both are present.
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Are you rewriting the domain name (forcing or removing www. from the URL)?
kwh3856Author Commented:
We are selecting whatever they give us and then click save.  Is that the correct way?
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