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I'm looking for a retractable ethernet cable, such as the ones used for laptops that are about 6' long.  However, this one needs to be about 15-20 feet long.  Is there anything out there for less that $100?  I've seen some that are about $250.  This is going to be used for an IP telephone in a conference room that we don't have to have the cable going across the room.
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Use a coupler and two retractable cables?

Also note that many retractable cables may not contain all cables required for POE (power over Ethernet) if that is how your ip phones are powered.
Well I was also unable to find a cheap solution so here are a couple of other options. I have used flat ethernet cables cables before(purchased at radio shack) and put a rug over the cable run. You could also purchase 2-8ft retractable ethernet cables and but a coupler to put them together. I am not sure how visible this will be but hopefully that helps.

radio shack cable
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Wow, I had no idea there was nothing available at a sensible price.  TBH I'd just buy a standard power extntion reel for about $20, remove the power socket, replace it with a wall plate for an ethernet connection then put the required length of Cat5/6 inside with a plug on the end.  Would take about 30 minutes to put together. For 20ft probably total cost $40 + time.  Maybe time to start a small business?
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Might wireless, or Ethernet over powerline be feasible?
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