ClonePrincipal sidhist.vbs error

When we run the following sidhist.vbs script we encounter the error below:

cscript sidhist.vbs /srcdc: /srcdom: /srcsam: /dstdc: /dstdom: /dstSam:

Error 0x80070035 occurred.
Error Description: Unable to read the configuration information of the computer
"". The error was: "The network path was not found."
Error HelpContext: 0
Error HelpFile   :
Error Source     : DSUtils.ClonePrincipal.1
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Renato Montenegro RusticiConnect With a Mentor IT SpecialistCommented:
I think you should inform the computer names. Look at this sample:

cscript sidhist.vbs  
  /srcdc:SrcDC /srcdom:SrcDomain /srcsam:SrcSamName /dstdc:DstDC
  /dstdom:DstDomain /dstSam:DstSamName

Take a look at this document:

Chapter 4: Restructuring Tools
mjm21Author Commented:
Yes. computer names were incorrect.  PDE was not chosen on both sides.
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