If I overwrite a Lookup wizard, can my un-matching data automatically update the lookup table?

Hi -

I have several "lookup-wizard" text fields on a master form - that refer to different tables that were built for ease of input (i.e., looking up a customer's name, department, location, etc.)

When someone types in the beginning portion of a name, it auto-fills the rest of it.  Great.

But, when someone enters a NEW name (not in the look-up table), is there a way to automatically update the look-up table with the new record?  Yikes!  This one sounds like it might be complicated.
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Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
use the NOTinList event of the combo to add new items

see this link

Use NotInList Event to Add a Record to Combo Box

you also have to set the Limit To List property of the combo to Yes
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