ValidateChildren causes controls values to reset

I have a project that I moved from VB 2005 to VB 2008.
I have a form with mulitple textboxes, comboboxes and datepickers.
This form is a record editor for a table in my SQL 2000 database.
I have a few controls that have Validation events using the ErrorProvider control.
I click a ToolStripButton to save the data.
The problem is this:
If I change a value in a combobox, textbox, or datepicker, those values get reset back to their original values when I call my save event.
IN my save event I call the ValidateChildren in order to catch any missed validations.
If I comment out the ValidateChildren the change values keep but I need to Validate all of the controls before the information is saved back to the SQL table.
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msilkaAuthor Commented:
I have figured out my problem.
I have a txtBox that after being validated, loads information into the rest of the form's controls from a record in my SQL table.  
When I issued the ValidateChildren event, the textbox revalidated and set the values to the record.  
I recoded this part and now everything is working fine.
msilkaAuthor Commented:
I was able to find the error of my ways.
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