Add new record to a linked SharePoint table

I have an Access 2007 db linked to sharepoint tables.  I need to add a new record to the SharePoint table using an Access form.  The form is created from the table. I open the form in add record mode and the user inputs all data.  All inputs work fine except two multiselect combo boxs.  

I am using the .addnew agruement in the beginning then setting each field in the recordset equal to the values in my controls with a .update at the end of my procedure.  The record is not saving.  I get an error of data mismatch.  The combo boxes are bound to an ID column.

Also if I try to save without these two controls, i get a "table schema has changed" error.

I am sure there is an easy solution but this SharePoint table is 26K records and slow so my patience is dwindling.

Thank you in advance.
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Dale FyeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your problem most likely relates to the multi-select listboxes.  Copy the code that is run when you try to add the new record and paste it into the "Code" window in your next post.

When you look at the values that are already in the multi-valued column in Sharepoint, what do the values look like?  Are they numeric, or text?  I don't have access to Sharepoint here at home, but if I recall, the values are concatenated with a semi-colon.  Is that the case?
kkniemeierAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the response.

The value returned is numeric but unsure of whether it is concatenated .  I will try to get you the code on Monday.  The field in the linked table is set up as a long integer.  I tried doing a convert but that did not work (maybe i did it wrong).  I am a little rusty with my code since i have not used the skill for a few years.  I know very little about SharePoint but am learning rapidly.
kkniemeierAuthor Commented:
Fyed responded and was helpful in confirming the issue.  I was able to solve the problem without further discussion.  The answer was good but due to restrictions on what information i could share, I was not able to provide him more info for a more thorough answer.  Fyed deserves the points for responding.
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