Action Script for Adobe Flash

Does anyone know "First Hand" the simplest, best materials video and or training to help someone with little programming skills learn. Adobe Flash Action Script.....? Current version is 3 I think.

I need to be able to eventually tie a common ODBC database to an interactive action script that will work inside of FLASH and allow me to add and remove types of fields, labels, buttons and  update and modify records in those fields inside the Flash tool.

Then that information presented on a display can see information updated for instance a customer waiting list. The list would be on a screen that people say waiting for a service would see they are the next in line or they are the Next Number to be served. As new random customers would appear we would need to update the list with new names and as the customers were served and left, they would need to be removed from the list. The status would be something the controller (the person behind the list sitting at a terminal waiting on the customers) would need to be able to update simply and easily with out having to know how to program. The interface would need to be simple for the controller but customizable from an IT standpoint. Customization for unique businesses would be a must.

Does anyone know how I could get into action script and learn it in order to deliver that concept?
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You have to use backend code (java, php, asp etc) connection to your ODBC drivers and send data via network using HTTP protocol in XML, Text, AMF, SOAP, JSON or other formats
RUA Volunteer2?Tableau Trainer & Consultant Sales Exec.Author Commented:
SO you are saying this is not just database knowledge and Flash I would need to learn. You are saying I need to learn many other things to do this myself.

I thought maybe Action Script 3 plus maybe XML and the ODBC connector. I must be sadly mistaken and unrealistic.

So you telling me where I can learn more about Action Script is falling a bit short of the need?
scooby_56Commented: - video training got me off to a great start to understand the basics

adobe language ref for flash - here is an appropriate page on loading external data etc.


Consider this...
Flex = more suited to rich internet apps, comes with many components e.g datagrids/layout comps
Flash = more suited to making animations and graphics/banners/cartoons etc

If you are learning something new - your requirements might be better suided to Flex (if this is an option ) - flex in a week videos (free) 

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You cannot use ActionScript / SWF files connecting to any locale database. You must create a server bridge.
Only one exception you can use ActionScript in Adobe AIR to get connection to locale SQLLite DB.
RUA Volunteer2?Tableau Trainer & Consultant Sales Exec.Author Commented:
I purchased CS5 Master Collection and it has all that you have described. I did not see the Air product but I will look. I had more money at the time than I had sense. Now I have no money and need something developed. Bummer. So I was going to give it a try with the code and knock the rust off the 10 digits and see if I have any skills left. I have worked with nothing in flash or flex but I think with some work I can do it.

The goal again a customer wait list that will allow us to add and remove customers, change their status in the wait list from waiting to serving to see staff etc. Then be able to refresh the page on a digital display ever 3-5 seconds so that the customers see the updates and can come forward.

You gentlemen are saying that is doable in the technology we have correct.....? Do you happen to know what kind of time frame it would take to make something like this in the amount of hours or how many pages of code this would take to write. 10 pages 20 or 100?
You don't need to spend your money you can get all for FREE
1) Download XAMPP
(It will installed PHP, MySQL, Perl, SSH, CGI etc)
2) Download Flex SDK
3) Download and install FlashDevelop
(Free Flex IDE)
4) Now you have choice for your project you can use Zend Framework
Web Orb
RUA Volunteer2?Tableau Trainer & Consultant Sales Exec.Author Commented:
Wow all that and the bag of chips. Thank you very much you have me off to an excellent start. I had already purchased the Adobe Master Collection for other reasons. I just had never worked with Flash and Flex. Thanks for the tips.
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