WRT54GL 1.1 - Not bricked, but can't connect

Hi there,

I have a WRT54GL 1.1.

What happened:
-I installed Gargoyle firmware, a variation of Open WRT.
-It was working fine until it just stopped working.
-I rebooted it, did not work
-Did the 30-30-30 reset and still can't ping or access it's web interface.
-I did both try DHCP and static IP config by PC. = NO GO
-The PC connects well with the network.

I don't think it's not bricked because it boots, the power led is on and solid, it LAN port where the OC's NIC is connected is on, and the wireless LED is on.

Thanks for helping troubleshooting this issue.

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Rommel SultanCommented:
after flashing the firmware.
How do you access the router?

did you use
ReneGeAuthor Commented:
ReneGeAuthor Commented:
Oups, I actually did not think os trying with HTTPS. I'll try this on monday and let you know.

Thanks and cheers,
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ReneGeAuthor Commented:
Nop, I can't login by using HTTPS
ReneGeAuthor Commented:
Have any other ideas that could help me resolve this issue?
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Just in case you need this - either by using a JTAG cable or (more risky) shorting the router you should be able to get the original firmware back.
Get nmap for your system and scan the default gateway IP as reported by your system.
see whether the default gateway matches the DHCP server IP.

This way you can determine which ports might be open and try accessing them
i.e. http: 8888, etc.

Could the router have been reconfigured such that it is working as an AP?
ReneGeAuthor Commented:
Thanks Modalot

@MASQUERAID, if arnold's solution doe not work, I guess I should try this.

@arnold, would nmap also detect IPs that are not in my current subnet?

Thanks and cheers,
You can tell nmap to scan any IP/ip segment you want.
It will check what ports are "open" on the destination IPs.

may help to reveal other systems on your network.  Note that those systems have to respond to the ping broadcast.

Can you double check your wiring from the router to your computer to be sure your computer is plugged into the LAN port while the external connection is connected to the WAN port?
This is to be sure that your router is not running in AP mode i.e. everything is plugged in on the LAN side such that the Provider Device (cable modem/adsl adapter/FiOS adapter) are the ones allocating IPs to your systems and provides external access while the wrt54gl is just there as a switch to the wired systems and AP to the Wireless ones.
Since your wireless works after the reset, suggests that either you have an open configuration and your wireless were using the default or you might be on someone elses network or your provider's device has wireless support.
ReneGeAuthor Commented:
-If I ping, will it also reach other subnets in the same LAN?
-Wiring is fine, and nothing is connected to the WAN port yet.
-There are no new leases in my LAN's DHCP server. So wouls doubt that it would magically switched to DHCP.
-Just to make sure, my router is not provider's device.
-What do you mean by open configuration?
-When you say, "someone elses network", do you mean on a differant subnet on my LAN?

Thanks and cheers,
ReneGeAuthor Commented:
By the way, I setup a PC connected to a LAN pout of the router and there is currently nothing else connected to that router (else than the power adapter), and DHCP on the router was disabled.
Can you ssh into the router?
ssh root@

I was talking about the WIFI SSID i.e. if you have/use a common ssid i.e. linksys, netgear, dlink, etc. your wifi computers might be connecting using your neighbor's connection versus yours.

Open meaning that if someone knows the SSID you use, they do not need to provide a password to be connected (WEP, WPA, WPA2 etc.)

Internet -> your provider <>your provider's device <=>wrt54gl <=> your LAN.
ReneGeAuthor Commented:
Internet -> your provider <>your provider's device <=>wrt54gl <=> your LAN.

NOW (I isolated the router for troubleshooting):
PC <=> LAN port of router

Even if the WIFI connects to a neighbour wireless network, I still should have access to it through LAN. No? Or maby there would be a strange condition. However, i did not set it up to access someone else's WIFI network so I boubt it would be the case anyway.

Are you tell me here that when i broadcast my SSID prople don't need the password to connect to my network? I'd like to test that. Could you mind providing me with a reference of instructions (thanks)?
If you did not lock your wifi down, anyone who sees the SSID when they browse for available networks on the Laptop, can select and connect.

If you are connecting through someone else, you would be accessing their device and not yours. Often the management of the wifi router over the Wifi connection is disabled.

Ok, back to your issue.  now that you have your PC connected to the wrt54gl, did your PC get an IP from the router?
ipconfig /all
IP? What is being reported as the DHCP server (IP)?
if you got an IP 169.254.x.x on the PC, the DHCP service on the router is not working.

Did you try ssh to the router? ssh root@<routerip>?
telnet <routerip> 22?

You may have to follow Masquerade's suggestion to use jtag to see whether it is still alive and possibly fix it.

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ReneGeAuthor Commented:
-DHCP is disabled in the router, so I had to setup a static IP address.
-Will try SSH and telnet tomorrow monday.
-If the previous does not work, I'll try tftp, then jtag.

I'll let you know.

Thanks a million and cheers,
ReneGeAuthor Commented:
Hey guys,

I so sorry for following up so late on this.

I'll split the points now and when I'll have time to continue on this, I'll let know the results.

If I have more questions, I'll just open a new question.

Thanks a million,
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