problem with MDeamon Outlook Connector plug-i

Hello there,

Here's the problem I encounter.
This is a random and unpredictable problem .
I have users who use Outlook 2007 with MDeamon Outlook Connector plug-in (version 225). Their PC run Windows 7 and Windows XP SP3.

For several weeks now it happens that some emails sent by these users lose part of their attachments. An email written with 5 attachments may come with 2 attachments.
It also happens that an attachment takes the name of another within the same mail.

I still have not managed to find something wrong.

Can anyone help me?
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Have you tried using plain-text or another format to see if the emails will go through OK on a more consistent basis (this would just be for the problematic emails with several attachments)?
I used to use MDaemon's Outlook Connector and it was always buggy.  Really your best bet is to open up a support ticket with MDaemon directly with an issue like this.

However, if you are determined to resolve it yourself then I would begin by trying to identify any type of common theme with the issue (I know you said it was random, but keep trying to find something in common).  I would check things like types of attachments, whether they are using HTML or Word as an email editor (or whether the message itself is HTML, rich text, or plain text).  Also check the destination mail server (unless this problem only happens to internal messages) because sometimes, for example, an Exchange server may not render the message properly at all when sent using Outlook Connector, or vise-versa.  
fhmsolutionsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your reply!

Yes i verified those points.
Users are using Outlook editor to send HTML writted emails. The problem issues for external or internal email.
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