MySql select string minus one charracter


For example: I have a word like "GoodDay" that i want to search in the DB, but in the DB there is a word "Good_Day"...

Is there a function in MySql to check this word but tell it to ignore the"_" ?

Something like: SELECT text FROM db_name WHERE ingnore(text , '_') = 'GoodDay'

P.S. Beside using the %% or LIKE function

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Ray PaseurCommented:
You might find some usefulness in the concept of a regular expression to eliminate non-alphabetic characters.  Not sure of the syntax, but I know MySQL has a REGEX built into it.  Another concept is the Levenshtein distance between strings.  It can be computationally intensive.  A good description of it is on the PHP web site.

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Wonder what fulltext would do with that.
NovoWebAuthor Commented:
I have check the Levenshtein function.. great but i will have to search all the DB in a loop to find one or mayby two, and i don't want 2 results.

I am tying to do something with REGEX but nothing so far...
Ray PaseurCommented:
Don't want two results?  How can we help you then?  Please show us a test data set and a desired result.  Armed with that information we should be able to help you bridge the gap.
NovoWebAuthor Commented:
The function was right but i have to figure the exact expression
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