Winnows 7 Media Center - stretch or fit video?

I am using windows media center on a windows 7 computer hooked up to my high definition LCD tv. I have a tuner card in the computer so that it can receive and record television. The tuner is a standard analog tv tuner and I am getting standard (low) definition cable.

The end result is the picture appears as a "square" video on my screen, and there are black bars on the left and right sides of the picture - which is what I would expect since it is a low definition picture.

When I watch movies airing on some channels, these movies are shown in widescreen so the broadcaster fits the widescreen movie into the low definition picture, causing there to now be black bars on the top/bottom as well as the left and right. This is also expected and not unusual.

However, on most TVs you have the ability to "zoom" or "stretch" the video so that it fits the screen, typically there are a few options:

Stretch  -   causes everything to just get stretched to fit the screen
Fit - Zoom in so that it fits the screen while clipping some of the top/bottom of the video
16:9 - predefined zoom level for watching 16:9 movies
4:3 - predefined zoom level for a 4:3 video source (e.g. old game console, vhs player etc.)

My TV does have these options but are no longer applicable in my situation because everything goes through the computer, which is running in 1080p resolution.

I need to stretch the video from within Media Center. How do I go about doing that?


     Samsung LN55C750 LCD TV

     ATI Radeon HD 4890 video card
          - DVI output goes to TV's HDMI input
          - Running in 1920x1080x32 resolution

     Windows 7 Home Edition 64-bit running Media Center

     ATI TV Wonder tuner card
     Low definition analog cable provided by Rogers Cable
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Hello Frosty555,
You haven't mentioned using the display optimization wizard in your post, although you may have already done this as you know what to expect from your set up:

Use your mouse or press the green Start button on your optional Windows Media Center remote:

1.Open Windows Media Center to the Start screen and scroll to Tasks.

2.Select Settings, select General, select Windows Media Center Setup.

3.Then select Configure Your TV or Monitor.

4.If the Display Setup dialog box is displayed and prompts you to switch to full-screen mode, select Yes.

5.Select the display type that you most often use to watch video using Windows Media Center; then select Next.

6.Select the type of cable that connects your PC with Windows Media Center to your monitor or TV; then select Next.

7.Select Adjust Display Controls, and then select Next. On the first Display Calibration page, select Next to see a list of the controls you can adjust.

These instructions were copied from the url:

I think that this is about the limit of what can be achieved from within windows media center, unless you can find a registry edit that might do the trick. Good luck.

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Frosty555Author Commented:
I have gone through that wizard - it doesn't do a lot. The main thing it does is it sets the display resolution correctly (in my case 1920x1080). My googling hasn't turned up much in the way of registry settings either.

So to confirm with you, it looks like this isn't possible to do from within Windows Media Center? I need to find a way to make my TV do it?

Frosty555Author Commented:
No followup to confirm that there was no way to do it, and it turns out there are some "zoom" features in mce for win7 but only works playing dvds.
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